Cheap Guesthouses And Hostels In Kyoto

Hostel In Kyoto

Planning on visiting Kyoto? Worried about prices of accommodation? Here’s your chance to cut back on some of your Kyoto expenses.

If you are planning to visit Japan, Kyoto should be your first destination. Kyoto has literally thousands of Buddhist temples and many beautiful gardens and palaces. This magnificent city is well-known for the traditional arts and crafts and culture. In addition, places like the imperial palace, castles and monuments are not to be missed. Kyoto can now be easily accessible from either Tokyo or Osaka via the bullet train.

Kyoto has a lot of hotels that will fit almost any budget. There are luxurious hotels and reasonably priced hotels for tourists. For those who prefer not to overspend on lodging and rather save up on the extra cash for souvenirs and exploring the city, staying on budget hotels is not a bad idea at all.

Here Are 3 Best Options For Cheap Accommodation In Kyoto

Guesthouse – Generally family-run, the lodgings are part of the owners’ own homes. Amenities are hardly available and in more suburban areas, guests may be expected to fold and stow away their beddings just like any family members. Meals are provided in most of these cases too. Pension houses are similar in running styles of the minshuku, but guests can expect more amenities in comparison. You may find the standard toiletries in the bathroom, free internet, pay to use washer and dryer and usage of common rooms like the kitchen and living area. It is not uncommon to find both run by immigrants or young Japanese couples who can speak relatively good English. In any case, it would be a relief to travelers who cannot speak the local language and a good way to penetrate the surface of Japanese daily life, at lower room costs.

Hostel -if you don’t mind sharing a room with a few other travelers, then this is a very good solution. Prices are very reasonable, and there are a few hostels in Tokyo which are a legend for great service and a “homey” atmosphere.

Ryokan – These establishments are quite small with a limited number of rooms and usually built surrounding a well kept Zen garden. Room rates normally include 2 meals, dinner and breakfast. Ryokans are one of the unique aspects of traveling in Japan. Generally associated with a hot spring on their premises, so live in guests may enjoy the onsen. Baths are communal, and very few would have western style rooms. Typical ryokan wear, a blue and white patterned cotton yukata would be provided for use.

Kyoto garden

Kyoto, the former capital of Japan, has successfully catered to tradition and modernity under a common roof. The everlasting glory of the Buddhist temples here will take you to the yesteryears, while several ultramodern shopping hubs, restaurants, and cafes will bring you back to the world of modernity. Really, the existences of both traditional culture and modern vibrancy have made Kyoto a never-ending-enchantment to the travelers in the ‘land of rising sun’. At the same time, it is true that without a comfortable sojourn, a trip cannot get completeness. A number of Kyoto hotels will provide you with nice accommodation, where you will relax comfortably after a long day’s journey.

Besides Ryokan (Japanese Style Inn) and Shukubo (temple lodging), a wide range of hotels are available across the city. Most of the hotels are located in the vicinity of the famous places. So, it is easier for leisure vacationers to explore the city from their temporary dwelling spots.

Kyoto hostel

However, if we sectionize all hotels in Kyoto, we will find three different categories. It includes luxury resorts, business hotels and budget accommodation. Needless to say, this wide variety enables all guests to find a suitable lodging option as per their requirements.

With high-end comfort as well as conveniences, your stay at the luxury resorts of the city would be an extravagant experience. A number of 5-star as well as 4-star hotels would provide you with numerous options to choose from. Even more, you can opt for the hotels possessed by famous groups like Hyatt, Holiday Inn, Ana, Westin and so on.

Business hotels, on the other hand, have catered to necessary business amenities including conference cum meeting rooms, business center, banquet rooms and many more. With all these services, these hotels ensure guests the possibility of arranging meetings, conferences and other private events.

Finally, budget-conscious travelers will avail a host of budget accommodation in the city. All the budget hotels have arranged necessary services required for a soothing stay. So, if you are a budget traveler and looking for an accommodation in the city of Kyoto, then you will get various hotels meeting your budgets and requirements as well.